Cloud Donor Lookups

Cloud Donor Lookups

Cloud Donor Lookups

Version 2, last updated by sam.arcamone887488 at 2016-08-08

 Starting in the CRM tab click on the Dollar sign.

Here you will be presented with a series of possible filter options. Make sure to click the option required with the required filter. For this option, select Donation Connector is equal to "Joe's Connector" (for example, it would be the connector you want to see information on)

For the second option we will select Donation date between 11-23-2016 to 11-23-2017

For the next option, please click on the [Click here to  add a new condition] link. Select Donation and Account # from the drop down list.

Here you will be able to select your account number. Click on search

Here is your filter! In order to save it, click on the Gear and select Save/Delete Search, and name it. It will then save the search to the My Saved Search icon (magnifying glass with the word My in it)

Comments are disabled for this space. In order to enable comments, Messages tool must be added to project.

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