Error when logging in "The user account . . . is already in use on another workstation"

Error when logging in "The user account . . . is already in use on another workstation"

With the release of version 5.24 in May 2020, the ability to identify which users are logged in to the system has been added to Silent Partner. This added functionality is a significant enhancement for clients when running a back up, or syncing to the Silent Partner Cloud. You are now able to quickly identify which user accounts are logged in so that you can ask any active users to sign out prior to running system updates, database backups and cloud syncs, and other maintenance tools.

This means that two or more individuals can no longer log in to Silent Partner using the same user account simultaneously. When users attempt to log in with an account already being used by someone else, Silent Partner will display a message indicating that this user account is already in use on another workstation, and will not allow the second user to log in with that user account. 

Error message: User Account Already In Use

If you or other users at your organization have a practice of sharing user accounts among team members, this should stop. Instead, each of your team members who has access to Silent Partner should be logging in with unique user accounts. This ensures that everyone logs in with the correct user permissions for your database, that edits and additions to the database are accurately attributed to the user who carried them out, and that Silent Partner can identify logged in users.

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