How to Configure Support Settings?

How to Configure Support Settings?

Customers do not have a support policy by default. This means that a superuser from Silent Partner Software can impersonate any of the customer’s users and therefore see employee profiles and information. 

Silent Partner Software carefully regulates and controls Superuser access. If you need to ensure Silent Partner support staff have restricted access to your account, you can set custom support settings, however, this may limit any troubleshooting Silent Partner Support can provide.

When the customer goes to the Support screen they can fill in the fields and create a support policy. Once their policy has been created the button will show: Update Support Policy.

How to Configure Support Settings:
  1. The PartnerHR Admin should go to the Support screen by clicking "Support" near the top of the screen, and complete the following fields:
    1. I give permission to:  determines whether anyone at SPS or just a specific support person impersonate users at your organization. 
    2. To view account info for: determines which of your users the Impersonator(s) selected in the first dropdown can impersonate.  Anyone or a specific user.
    3. Has the session ended?: allows your PartnerHR Admin to close the impersonation window early by checking the Has Session Ended box.
      1. The PHR Admin can also change the start time or the hours.
      2. If not ended early, PartnerHR will close the impersonation when it has expired.

The policy stays there permanently.  If the current time is between the start time plus the number of hours, and the policy was not ended by the admin, then impersonation can happen.  When a support person goes to the Impersonate screen they will see the allowed users in the dropdown box.

The admin can close the impersonation window early by checking the Has Session Ended box, or by changing the start time or the hours.

When an impersonator stops impersonating the system puts them back in their own account and they would have to impersonate again to access the customer. If the current time is outside of the window they won’t be able to impersonate. 

Every page the impersonator accesses is tracked in the database and we can build a report of the pages they accessed.  We can tell if and when they clicked on End Impersonation.
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