How to Process Receipts in Silent Partner Cloud

How to Process Receipts in Silent Partner Cloud

Before processing receipts in Silent Partner Cloud, you would need to receipt donations in Silent Partner Desktop and run a Cloud sync.

In Silent Partner Cloud, along the left side panel, hover over Communications, then click Receipting. This opens your Receipting Workflow page.
Under Step 2 – Batch Up and Send Receipts section, click Current Batches (see screenshot below):

The Receipt and Batch Summary section at the top displays the receipts to be processed, which can be counted by Office and Send Method:

If you need to create a new batch, review this help article on Creating Receipt Batches in Silent Partner Cloud!

Or, select the batch you wish to work on in the Existing Batches list and click the Receipts button (see screenshot below):

Now you need to filter for the receipt types that you wish to add to the batch. Click the inverted arrow.

Click the grey triangle to select your operator for the filter.  In this example, we will use "Contains."


In our example, we're looking for anyone with an email address, so we'll filter for any record where the email field contains "@" Notice that when you type in the search parameter that Silent Partner starts to show you what results you will get.  Click the word "Filter" to complete the search.

Idea! We recommend filtering batches to identify receipts that should be sent by Electronic first. Once the electronic receipts have been batched, follow the same procedure for the Mail receipts, leaving the receipts with no delivery preference for last. This allows you to decide which Delivery Method is most appropriate for those remaining receipts. 

You can now either add all the receipts in the list at once by clicking on the ADD ALL button or individually by clicking the Add button in the grid of the receipt. Alternatively, if you add several receipts to the batch and find you need to remove all, or some of these receipts, you can click REMOVE ALL to remove everything in bulk, or click the Remove button in the grid of the receipt to remove just a single receipt from the batch.

The last step on this page is to click on the REVIEW BATCH AND PROCESS button if you are sending mail receipts. 

Important Note: For Email receipts, you must click the CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESSES button first. This button prompts Silent Partner to check that the donors' email addresses are formatted correctly on all the receipts marked for sending(see screenshot below): 

If they are, then the REVIEW BATCH AND PROCESS button appears allowing you to proceed.

After clicking REVIEW BATCH AND PROCESS, you are directed to the final review page for your batch. This allows you to modify the receipt form for the receipts (if needed), or preview receipts to be sure they are formatted correctly (see screenshot below):

Important Note: Print or Mail receipt preview generates a PDF file of the receipt and downloads this to your computer for you to review. An Email receipt preview generates an Email that is sent to your Email program. Be sure to fill in the Send Email Previews To: field with YOUR email address so that the preview goes to you and not the donor in the receipt. 


Finally, when you've finished reviewing your batch and you are happy with the receipts, click the PROCESS RECEIPTS button to finish processing all receipts for this batch!

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