How to Set-up or Edit Receipt Forms in Silent Partner Cloud

How to Set-up or Edit Receipt Forms in Silent Partner Cloud

Setting up and editing receipt forms can only be performed by users with Administrative access.

It is highly recommended to take advantage of Silent Partner Software's free receipt form and batch set-up service. E-receipt support is not available through the regular support channels and it is easy to make mistakes setting up your receipt forms.
Contact your Account Manager for more information, or contact us at

Set up your E-receipt settings

Before beginning to use e-receipts in Silent Partner Cloud, the first step is to set your e-receipt settings.  Go to Communications > Receipting > E-Receipt Settings.

Replace the placeholder information with a sender email address, sender name, and your Charity's name, address and contact information.

To Create a New Receipt Form

Login to Silent Partner Cloud and navigate to Communications > Receipting > Receipt Forms List. To add a new Receipt Form, click the plus icon near the top left of the list of Receipt Forms.

To Add a Logo to Your Receipts

1)  Go to Communications > Receipting > Receipt forms list. Click the edit icon for the receipt you need to update.

2) Under "Customize Your Receipt," select "Company Logo" if it is not already selected for you.

3) Click the Insert Image button, then select the logo you wish to use. (You should also delete the placeholder text "PROVIDE CONTENT FOR THE Company Logo")

4) If the logo isn't available, click the "Upload" button, find the logo you want to use, and select it. Then repeat step 3.

To Add a Signature to Your Receipts

Select "Signature" under "Customize your Receipt and follow the steps 1-4 above, but select the signature file you wish to use. (Again, you should also delete the placeholder text "PROVIDE CONTENT FOR THE Company Logo")

When adding your logo or signature images to your Receipt Forms, use the "Refresh Preview" and "Print Preview" buttons to double check the images look correct.

If you can't get the logo or signature to fit in the available space, please contact support at

To Edit the Letter Contents

Under "Customize Your Receipt," click "Receipt Letter" and enter the text of your letter in the space provided.  Don't copy and paste text from Word; it copies hidden characters that can cause problems with your template.

When you complete each change, be sure to click "Save and Continue" at the bottom of the page. When you are finished all edits to the contents of your receipt letter, click "Save and Exit."

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