Navigating in PartnerHR

Navigating in PartnerHR

Home: the page you land on once you log in. This page displays the number of people in your organization, your open time off requests, activities assigned to you or that you are following.  You can also access your profile by clicking your name in the upper right corner.

People: displays the people in your organization and, if your permissions allow, you can follow hyperlinks to other users’ profiles. In the top left, you’ll see a button with an Organization Chart on it.  This brings up an org chart.

Calendar: displays events scheduled for the organization as well as any approved time off, such as vacation requests and sick time.

Activities*: lists all activities in PartnerHR, allows you to search and filter activities, create new activities, and bulk edit existing activities.

Reporting*: allows you to run Global reports (default or pre-built reports) or create your own reports. For example, you might want a report with all staff emergency contacts, or staff birthdays

Settings*: where you set up and manage PartnerHR

*these areas of PartnerHR may not be available depending on your permissions.

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