Receipt Correction Process

Receipt Correction Process

The receipt correction process allows the user to choose between replacing a receipt or correcting a receipt, and whether or not to include "Cancels and Replaces" on the new receipt.

Use the flowchart below to help you determine whether you need to reverse the entry or whether you should use the receipt correction process. It will also clarify when to include "cancels and replaces" on your new receipt.

How to use the receipt correction and replacement process

Start by clicking the  Print Donor’s Receipts menu bar button, or tap the  F12 key, as you normally would. 


You'll notice there is only one red button in Silent Partner version 5.24 and higher.


To Correct or Reissue a Receipt

Highlight the donor who’s receipt you need to reverse, then click on the Replacement receipts, current donor button.

Select the receipt you need to replace or correct.

Step 1: Replacement or Correction?

At the top of the Replacement Receipt Printing window there are hints to help you decide which option to select. You can also refer to the flowchart above.

Replacement Receipt is the correct choice if the information on the receipt does not need to be changed; it is being replaced because it was lost. Select Process Replacement as your option and click Proceed. A new receipt will be produced with a new receipt number.

Print Correction is the correct choice if you need to correct the receipt in any way, for example, change the Name or Address on the receipt. Once you have selected Print Correction, the drop down menu to select the Type of correction becomes available. Select what kind of correction you are making. Your options are:  Name/Address, Donor (Reassign to a different donor), Date/Year,    Amount

In the image below, I have selected Donor.

In the next window, you can select the correct donor (in the sample), or change the name and address.

In the bottom left of the window you can decide whether or not the receipt should have "Cancels and Replaces" printed on it.

Please refer to your region's tax receipt laws to make this determination.

Click Next to Proceed.

A second and final confirmation message is generated. Click  Yes to confirm and proceed with the change and Correction.


The wizard will generate a negative value receipt to cancel the original receipt, and a positive value receipt with the corrected information.

Please note: for both Corrections ad Replacements, a new receipt number is generated, and the old receipt number is no longer valid. The old receipt must be shredded/destroyed.

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