Partner Academy - Silent Partner DMS

Partner Academy - Silent Partner DMS

Silent Partner DMS series

Learn how to use Silent Partner DMS Desktop by following these easy to follow, 30-minute sessions. You'll learn all the basics you need to get up and running quickly!
  1. Silent Partner DMS I - The Basics
  2. Silent Partner DMS II - Cloud for Fundraisers

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      Partner Academy gives you access to free training at a time that works with your schedule. Use the links below to sign up! Silent Partner DMS I - The Basics How to enter new donors and donations How to find donors and donations How to receipt ...
    • Using PayPal with Silent Partner - Downloading Transactions

      Downloading PayPal Donations and Transferring Funds See Previous Topic:  Using PayPal with Silent Partner - Setup With this module you are able to easily download your PayPal donation records into Silent Partner in a few short steps. Open up the ...
    • Filter and Query in Silent Partner Cloud April 30, 2021- Virtual Instructor-led Training

      This is a video of our Silent Partner virtual instructor-led training, hosted on Friday, April 30, 2021. This virtual training session covers: Filter features to find donors in Silent Partner Cloud Filtering reports in Silent Partner Cloud How to ...
    • Creating a Cloud User

      You need Administrator privileges to set up Cloud users.  Once logged onto the Cloud, go to Admin Settings > Cloud Users Set up the user profile to allow the user to log into Silent Partner Cloud To add a new user, click "Add DMS User." Managing ...
    • Automated reports - Donation Digest

      Silent Partner Cloud will automatically send users their Account Activity and Monthly Contribution reports. For this to be enabled the user must provide an email address to send to, and Donation Digest must be set up under "My Account." If Donation ...

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