Partner DMS Donation & Receipt correction

Partner DMS Donation & Receipt correction

Whether you are new to receipting in Silent Partner DMS, or are just looking for a refresher, this webinar will walk you through correcting donation and receipts.​
Donation and Receipt correction and replacement in Silent Partner DMS
Hosted by  Penny Rolinski
About this webinar Everyone makes mistakes! In this webinar you’ll learn how to decide which steps you need to take, and then how to replace receipts, correct receipts, and reverse donations. ​ What you’ll learn You’ll learn the best way to correct a donation entry or receipt how to reverse or correct a donation entry how to replace receipts how to correct receipts Register now!
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    • Common receipt correction questions and solutions

      These are some of the most commonly asked support questions about receipting. “The name/address is wrong on a donor’s receipt.  How do I fix this?” Solution “I receipted one ...
    • Receipt Correction Process

      The receipt correction process allows the user to choose between replacing a receipt or correcting a receipt, and whether or not to include "Cancels and Replaces" on the new receipt.  If you are on version 5.23 or earlier, please use this article ...
    • Receipt template service for Partner DMS Cloud

      In order to process receipts in Partner DMS Cloud, you need to set up 6 receipt forms: Official Print Unofficial Print Gift in Kind Print Official Email Unofficial Email Gift in Kind Email. Setting up templates is finicky and can require HTML ...
    • Receipt Messages & Reply Codes

        Receipt Messages and Reply Codes are linked together; when entering a donation you are given the option of which Reply Code you wish to use for the Receipts (by default it is 01). Important Note: The time of Donation entry is the ONLY time you can ...
    • Receipts for a merged donor record don't appear in the receipt history correctly

      There are times when you need to merge two donor records who have both made donations and been issued receipts. Merging records must be done in the desktop. More information on how to merge two records can be found here. After two records are merged, ...

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