Receipt Messages & Reply Codes

Receipt Messages & Reply Codes

Receipt Messages and Reply Codes are linked together; when entering a donation you are given the option of which Reply Code you wish to use for the Receipts (by default it is 01).

Important Note: The time of Donation entry is the ONLY time you can choose which Receipt Message/Reply Code you wish to show up at the time of Receipt printing!

Receipt Messages

It is best to start with choosing which message # you want to use for which type of receipts. Since Silent Partner defaults to Reply Code 01 when entering donations, we recommend that you use that one for your regular receipts. You can always change what the Receipt Messages say, right up until time of printing, so feel free to give the Messages titles or even placeholder content until you can write up the message you want to appear as your Receipt Letter.

To create/edit your Receipt Messages, go to the Receipting screen

From here click on the “Edit Receipt Messages” button

Now you will see your list of Receipt Letters/Messages. To change the title of one of the letters simply double-click on the description portion beside the Letter # that you want; once you give the letter its title, just press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Once you are finished giving the letters titles click on the “Save descriptions” button.

To edit the Receipt Letter/Message itself, simply highlight the one you want to edit click on the “Edit letter” button. Then you can fill in the details of what you want printed on that Receipt Letter. Then click “Save”.

Repeat for any other Receipt Messages you wish to create/use. “Close” when done. Remember the numbers of the Receipt Messages you used and what they were for.


Reply Codes

For this you will need to go to the Donation Entry screen; you will choose which Reply Code to use when you enter the donation (they are the same numbers as for the Receipt Messages/Letters).

When entering your donation take note of the “Reply code” field; this is where you will choose which Receipt Message/Letter will be printed with this donor’s receipt. Choose the one you want. Do this with every donation you enter (we suggest you choose Reply Code #01 as the one for the majority of your donations since it is the default).

Now when you print your receipts they will each have their appropriate Receipt Messages.

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