Release 1.4.0 - Oct 4, 2020

Release 1.4.0 - Oct 4, 2020


This document describes the changes made to release of PartnerHR to create release 1.4.0.

Important Fixes

Silent Partner includes bug fixes and experience optimizations as a standard part of every PartnerHR release. These minor changes are not normally documented in the release notes, but this release has some fixes to issues that affected many users. We’ve included the “Important Fixes” section to highlight those changes.

Consolidated options for requesting Time Off

In past versions of PartnerHR, users were given too many options for entering Time Off requests. This was causing confusion for organizations using PartnerHR on how best to train users on how to enter Time Off requests.

In this release of PartnerHR, we have removed the ability to create time off requests from the following locations:

  • User Profile Page's Create Entry and Create Multiple Entry options

  • User Profile Entries Lists's Create New Entry option

  • The Bulk Upload feature

Moving forward, users should add new time off requests directly from the PartnerHR Home page by clicking plus icon next to "Time Off Requests."

Improved Description of Custom Field Types

In our 1.3.0 release, we included the ability for organizations to add custom fields to different sections of Employee Profiles.

In this release of PartnerHR, we have improved the description of the Custom Field Types so they are more meaningful to users. PartnerHR now makes it clear that the types of fields you can add to Employee Profiles are Checkbox fields, Numeric value fields, or Text fields.

PartnerHR now handles Lieu Time

New Feature!

In this release of PartnerHR, we've introduced the ability to manage lieu time! With our built-in Lieu Time Template, users can now log their lieu time as a new Time Off Entry. This notifies the user's supervisor of the new entry, and assigns it to the supervisor for approval.

Once approved, the lieu time entry gets added to the employee's bank of available hours. Employees can see their lieu time in their bank of hours, and also easily use their lieu time toward future time off requests.

Pending Time Off now visible in all user Profiles

In previous versions of PartnerHR, when users reviewed the Time Off section of their profile, they could easily see the time used, scheduled and remaining time off, but they could not see if there were any Time Off requests still pending approval from their supervisor. This was misleading to users, as they could not see the full scope of their Time Off requests.

In this release of PartnerHR, we have added a new “Pending Hours” column to the Time Off section of users’ profiles to show users the hours associated with any Time Off requests that have been entered, but not yet approved.

Supervisors can now edit Time Off Requests

In previous releases of PartnerHR, supervisor users were not able to edit Time Off requests sent to them for approval.

In this release, we have added the ability for supervisors to make edits to Time Off requests. If a supervisor receives a Time Off request from an employee and needs to correct an error in the request (e.g. an incorrect number of hours), or needs to make a small change (e.g. to add a Note to the Time Off request), they can click the Edit icon to make the necessary adjustments.

Self-Serve Onboarding for New Users

New Feature!

In this release of PartnerHR, we have introduced self-serve onboarding. New organizations interested in PartnerHR can sign up and create their own account with just a few simple steps directly from by clicking “Get Started!”

User Interface Improvements

As part of Silent Partner's ongoing commitment to user interface improvements and usability upgrades, we have made several improvements to the user interface for PartnerHR.

Users should notice more prominent, easier to read text, cleaner layout of buttons and tables, and improved handling of column and filtering preferences. These improvements have been incorporated throughout the entire PartnerHR application.

We hope you enjoy the new look!

    Our products got an upgrade!

    Some screenshots and help videos have been made using older versions of our products. Though your version's colours and themes may appear different than what you see here, the instructions, links and advice in this article are still accurate and useful!

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