Setting up SMTP Email in the Cloud - One Donor at a Time or Bulk Mail

Setting up SMTP Email in the Cloud - One Donor at a Time or Bulk Mail

Connect a Personal mail account to mail donors one by one

This will allow you to click on a donor's email address when you are on their Profile screen and send an email.

From your main screen, on the right hand side, click on your name, go to My Account and the Email Settings Section


Set up your Primary Email Client. There are several options.

Option 1

If you are using your company's email system such as Outlook, and when you usually click on an email link, an Outlook window normally appears, you should select Other for your Primary Mail Client.


Option 2

If you set your Primary Email Address to your web-mail address, such as Gmail or Yahoo, you should select your web mail client from the Primary Mail Client drop down.

Using Gmail as an example: When you click on a donor's email address, Gmail's message window will pop up, and records of your sent mail will appear in your Gmail account.



Option 3

If neither of the above options is sufficient, you can set up SMTP mail. It's a little more complicated but should work for you.

Please see for setup instructions.


Connect an Organization-wide Email Account to mail Groups of Donors (Bulk Mail Campaigns and Say Thanks)

You cannot send more than 50 emails at a time through most web mail clients, such as Gmail and Yahoo so you need to use a Transnational Email Provider (TMP) such as Mandrill or SparkMail.

If you choose to send your bulk emails through Silent Partner's Mandrill account, your mailing history will be tracked in the Cloud. You can see whether your recipients have opened and clicked on links in the email. You can also monitor your mailings for bounces due to incorrect email addresses.

Contact Silent Partner Support if you want to use our Mandrill account.

If your organization already has a STMP account that you would like to continue using, you can connect it to Silent Partner Cloud as follows:

Note: You need Cloud Administration privileges to do this.

[Admin Settings -> DMS Admin -> Manage Lookup Tables]


Note that you will be responsible for keeping track of your company's email reputation, bounced emails, unsubscribe requests and your rejection blacklist outside of Silent Partner Cloud.

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