Time Off requests based on Employee Type

Time Off requests based on Employee Type

With PartnerHR, you can set Time Off Policies based on Employee Type. This allows you to handle different time-off policies for different kinds of employees (e.g. full time or part-time).

All Time Off Templates are enabled for all Employee Types by default.

You can adjust this as appropriate for your organization's needs by going to Settings > Category and Activity Settings > Templates. Click “Create New Template” to create a new one, or click the Edit icon for an existing Time Off template.

Then click "New Policy" to set the Time Off Policy according to your organization's needs. For more information on setting up Time Off Policies, click here.

Select the type of Template you are creating and then click New Policy

Use the new "Policy Applies to" section to select which Employee Types this policy will be applied to. Once an Employee Type is selected for a Time Off Policy, that Time Off Policy will be applied to all employees of that type.

Important Notes:

  • If someone's Employee Type is changed, their Time Off Bank will be reset to 0, and the Time Off Policy for their new Employee Type will be applied moving forward. When making this type of change to an employee's record, PartnerHR will alert the user that this change will set that employee's current Time Off bank to zero.

  • If there is an Employee Type (e.g. Volunteer) that is not associated with a Time Off Policy, users with that Employee Type assigned to them will not be able to request time off.

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