Using PayPal with Silent Partner - Downloading Transactions

Using PayPal with Silent Partner - Downloading Transactions

Downloading PayPal Donations and Transferring Funds

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With this module you are able to easily download your PayPal donation records into Silent Partner in a few short steps.

  • Open up the batch in Silent Partner that you want the PayPal donations to download into.
  • Go to Functions → Import PayPal Donations.

aaa Temp to upload

  • Click on “Download and process”.

aaa Temp to upload

  • Type in your “User name” and “Password” → These are the same ones you use for the Cloud. Then choose a date range for the download (you can leave the “time” fields at the default). “Motivation code” and “Donation type” are filters; it is best to leave them as they are so that it will always download all available donations. When you’re done click “OK”.

aaa Temp to upload

  • Now you should have a list of all the donations available for processing (the payments themselves are processed by PayPal so these are simply the records of them). Highlight the ones that you wish to process and then click “Add”.aaa Temp to upload
  • Silent Partner is designed to check these donors downloaded through PayPal against your existing donor list and add the donations to existing donors or create new ones when necessary. If there is a potential duplicate donor, Silent Partner will inform you of it and ask how you wish to proceed (either confirm that they are the same donor or create a new one).

And with that you now have the records of those PayPal donors and their donations in your Silent Partner!



Transferring Funds from PayPal to your Bank:

Your PayPal account will act like another bank account, storing your money until you transfer it out. If you’ve linked your PayPal account to another banking institution you can simply transfer the funds in your PayPal account to your organization’s bank account.

  • Now whenever you receive notifications from PayPal that you have new donations you can log into your PayPal account and go to: “My Account” → “Withdraw” → “Transfer to Bank Account”. From there just follow the steps and provide the information needed to transfer the money to your bank account of choice.

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