Common receipt correction questions and solutions

Common receipt correction questions and solutions

These are some of the most commonly asked support questions about receipting.

“The name/address is wrong on a donor’s receipt.  How do I fix this?”


“I receipted one donor but the receipt should have been for another.”


“I’m getting a message that I can’t print/view receipts until all receipts for the previous year have been printed. But when I try to print receipts for the previous year, there aren’t any.”


  1. Click OK to the message – don’t just close it. 
  2. Then try to process receipts, all in scope with the cutoff date set for the previous year.
Why this works:
Silent Partner looks for the balance of unreceipted donations in order to create receipts.  If you have +$100 + (-$100) = $0.  There are no receipts to produce, but there are still donations that have to be marked as receipted.

Processing receipts won’t mark those donations as receipted, but clicking OK to the “Cannot print/view receipts” message will trigger clean up to mark those $0 balance donors are being receipted.

“I have entered the negative donation and the correction, but Silent Partner says there is nothing to receipt”


  1. Post the negative donation and receipt it.  Then post the positive donation and receipt it.
Why this works:
When Silent Partner creates receipts, it looks for the balance of unreceipted donations on the donor’s record. If you post - $100 and then post +$100 the balance of unreceipted donations = $0.  There is nothing to receipt.

If you post - $100 and then receipt it, the balance of unreceipted donations is $0.  Then when you post the positive donation, there is a positive balance on the donor record to receipt.

“When I preview my receipts, I’m only getting a few.  I know there are many more receipts to be processed.”


  1. A filter is in place, creating a scope, or
  2. The “Include annual receipt donors” button is not checked, or
  3. The cut-off date is incorrect, or
  4. Addition filtering is in place

“How do I update the signature for my receipts?”


Locate the jpg of your signature and replace it with a new image.

Why this works:
In your SPW folder (the folder that contains your Silent Partner app) there is a file named ###sig.jpg (where the #’s are three letters representing your organization.) Silent Partner looks for that file name and inserts that image into your receipts. 
Additional instructions:
Scan your new signature and save it with exactly the same file name.  Remove the old file and save the new ###sig.jpg file in your SPW folder.  Make sure that when you compare the old and new signature files. They should look the same, in terms of the size of the signature and the amount of white space around them.

There is also a ###log.jpg file.  Do not replace this – it contains your logo!

Why is my donor getting the wrong type of receipt?


The donor type is incorrect or the donation was entered as a non-deductible donation.
Why this works:
The type of receipt the Silent Partner creates is based on 3 factors:
the donor type on the donor’s record
whether the donation is deductible/charitable or not
whether it’s a third-party donation or not.
Donor type I or B are eligible for an Official receipt that can be used to reduce income tax; all other donor types will only be eligible for Unofficial receipts
Only charitable/deductible donations will be eligible for Official receipts

Third party donations (where a person gives through another charity) are not receiptable for the individual and the third-party is only eligible for Unofficial receipts

“Only part of the donor’s donation is appearing on their receipt and there is a Donor Advantage on it.  What’s that?”
A donor advantage is when a donor receives something in return for their donation.  ie they buy a Gala ticket and in return they receive a meal.  The portion of the ticket cost that covers the meal is the donor advantage and is not eligible for an Official receipt.

“The receipt message is wrong!  Even though I correct it, it’s still not printing the message I have entered.”

Annual receipts, or receipts that include more than one donation, use a specific reply code.  Even if all donations entered were to one reply code, Silent Partner uses a default reply code for these receipts.  Most often it is reply code 20 or 9 but differs for each client. 

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