Creating Receipt Batches in Silent Partner Cloud

Creating Receipt Batches in Silent Partner Cloud

Producing receipts in Silent Partner Cloud is done in Batches. This gives users flexibility in choosing the types of receipts and letter combinations they wish to use.

In Silent Partner Cloud, in the left side panel, hover over Communications > Receipting, then click Existing Batches (see screenshot below):

In the Existing Batches selection screen, click the plus (+) icon in the header bar to create a new batch (see screenshot below):

The new batch creation screen appears. Set the Batch Configuration preferences you'd like for this batch:
  1. Give your batch a name
  2. Give your batch a short  description
  3. The Mail form is also referred to as the receipt form. This is the form that was customized in STEP 1 in the receipting main page.
  4. If you have more than one office  for example your main charity and a foundation each entity will have an Office number, select it here.
  5. Select the type of receipt this batch will contain, ie. Official, GIK, Unofficial.
  6. Select whether this batch will be processed as a printed or an electronic (e-mail) batch (Note: if this is a printed batch you can select to include a label file for separate label printing).
Click Save to add your newly created batch to your Existing Batches list (see screenshot below):

You can now add receipts to your batch by clicking the "Receipts" button.

For help processing your batch, click here.

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