Receipts for a merged donor record don't appear in the receipt history correctly

Receipts for a merged donor record don't appear in the receipt history correctly

There are times when you need to merge two donor records who have both made donations and been issued receipts.

Merging records must be done in the desktop. More information on how to merge two records can be found here. After two records are merged, the receipt history will be moved to the record that remains. When a sync is performed, the cloud will reflect the same change.

If you go to the merged donor's CRM record, you will see the combined donation history. Receipts for both donors will appear under the remaining merged donor's CRM record as well, but the receipts themselves are unchanged.

However, under Receipt History, it might appear that there is an error because receipts continue to appear under the name of the original recipient.

The Receipt History page (found under Communications > Receipting > Receipt History) will always show a receipt with the name of the person to whom it was originally issued to maintain a clear audit trail.
For example, say receipt #0001 was originally issued to “John Smith.” Later on in Silent Partner, the record for John Smith is merged into a record for “John and Jane Smith.” In this scenario, the Receipt History page in Silent Partner Cloud will continue to show receipt #0001 as being issued to “John Smith.” This is important for auditing purposes as any tax receipt should always maintain the name of the donor it
was issued to.

However, after merging the “John Smith” record into the “John and Jane Smith” record, receipt #0001 will be visible in the Donor Profile for John and Jane Smith.

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