Using PayPal with Silent Partner - Setup

Using PayPal with Silent Partner - Setup

Initial Setup:

Before we can install the new Online Donations Module a few maintenance Items we’ll need to take care of first.

  • Sign-up for a Nonprofit PayPal account if you have not done so. (instructions here)
  • Link your PayPal account to the bank account you want the donations to go to.
    • Your PayPal account will act like another bank account, storing your money until you transfer it out. In order to transfer the money from PayPal to another banking institution you require the Bank Transit #, Institution #, and Account Number for the bank you want to use (these can be found on the bottom of your cheques or by asking your bank)
    • To link your PayPal account to your bank: Log into your PayPal account and go under “My Account” → “Withdraw”  “Transfer to Bank Account”. From there just follow the steps and provide the information needed.
    • Now whenever you receive notifications from PayPal that you have new donations you can log into your PayPal account and, from the same place you set up the bank transfer, transfer the money to your bank account of choice.
  • Request PayPal API credentials: The API credentials are what will allow our application to download the transactions from PayPal. You will need these later in the process.
    • Within PayPal, which you can find in Profile → Selling Tools   Manage API
    • Merchant Account ID: (Normally the email address that was used for the PayPal account)
    • API Signature
    • API Username
    • API Password
  • Backup your Silent Partner Software Database
  • Make sure Silent Partner is up-to-date.
    • Help  check for program updates
  • Set Motivation codes and GL account for web access

aaa Temp to upload

aaa Temp to upload

  • Once the program is updated, do another backup and upload to Silent Partner Software (options 2 or 3 on the backup menu)
  • Before calling support, please follow these steps to open Splashtop so that we can remotely connect to your computer.
  • Call or email Silent Partner Support and Schedule a Time to install.

Once these steps have been completed, please let Silent Partner Support know. We'll set a time and get your organization up and running and trained.  The process will take roughly one hour and having your IT or Web professional available would help with a smooth transition.


Setting up your PayPal Button

In order to set up PayPal in Silent Partner Cloud, you must have Administrator permissions.

On the left side of the screen click on “PayPal” and then "Settings."

Enter your PayPal API credentials in the PayPal Live areas outlined below. You can also specify a page donors are redirected to after making a donation.

Next, select PayPal from the menu again, but this time select Buttons & Forms.

Create a PayPal button for your website. You can choose from several different buttons, select the default currency for donations, suggested donation amounts, which projects you want the donations to go to, whether you want the donor to be able to select the project, etc.

After creating your button, select "Test" to try out the button before making it live.  Make sure to select "Live” in the drop down. Once you have tested the Form or Hyperlink, copy the code and paste it into the appropriate area of your website.

Name the button and save it.

You can create and save as many PayPal forms as you like. To access your saved forms, click "See all saved forms".


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